Let’s start with Salinas:

There is growing interest in Ecuador by investors, expats and boomers. They are looking for great value, good weather, and exceptional quality of life.

The international crisis and the collapse of real estate bubbles throughout has enhanced this major trend favoring Ecuador. Condos in Ecuador cost a fraction of what they cost in other places and there are exceptional cultural and natural landscapes to be enjoyed, amidst the warmest, most welcoming people you are likely to find anywhere.

This has been supported by positive articles by leading publishers and news sites.

One area in Ecuador that is receiving tremendous attention is Salinas, arguably the most developed resort town in Ecuador’s coast.

Salinas enjoys great weather, beautiful beaches and the convenience and peace of mind of having good medical care and shopping facilities; as well as nice restaurants, great roads and a lively community.

While some people believe Salinas doesn’t have the “charm” or “flavor” of other more laid back and natural coastal areas in Ecuador, it has elements that make it an important choice.

I mean, “charm” and “flavor” can wear down when the nearest dentist is 3 hours away, the roads are bad, or there’s no community… you get the point.

Salinas stands out in a most positive way for those looking to invest in real estate, in a summer home or permanent residence.

Salinas is quite nice, no question about it, but it has its problems too.
It’s becoming too saturated, many of its buildings are oldish and made to lesser standards; and it has little room left for meaningful growth.

In comes Punta Carnero

Just a few minutes from Salinas lies Punta Carnero, a beautiful beach of over one and a half miles long with a wide stretch of white sand, crashing waves and spectacular sunsets.

Nearby it has all the elements people look for, such as medical care, shopping, restaurants and more, but offers exclusivity, privacy and the promise of much better planning and development.

People are starting to notice Punta Carnero in a major way and a trend is ensuing. Aqualina will jump-start this all and set forth a vision for good planning and feel-good. The timing is just perfect and those who come in early are bound to reap the most rewards.

We are envisioning a scenic, low-speed road on front of the condo buildings, with landscaped fronts, underground cabling, and a magnificent boardwalk in front; a community where feel-good, friend-making and the pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle are its core elements.

Punta Carnero has great weather, a beautiful beach and the potential to soon become one of the most sought-after addresses in Ecuador’s coast.

The waters in front of Punta Carnero are to be declared a marine reserve and a bird sanctuary has recently been set up only a few minutes from Punta Carnero.

There is an airport barely 10 minutes away that is currently being overhauled into an international, open skies operation.

There is growing interest in national and local authorities, spearheaded by a visionary group of community members and entrepreneurs of making Punta Carnero an example of vision and planning.

Are you ready to be a part of this?

This is Aqualina! This is Punta Carnero!

The Punta Carnero Vision

There are many initiatives to make of Punta Carnero an example of forward thinking. We call this the Punta Carnero Vision.

Punta Carnero is in many ways a blank canvass and this is part of its huge potential and of the major opportunity at hand.

There are many conveniences and services nearby (some just minutes away) but, at the same time, Punta Carnero is more exclusive, more naturally inspiring.

The Punta Carnero Vision calls for good planning and zoning, for initiatives towards reforestation and landscaping, for enhanced security, for beach maintenance, for community get-togethers and so much more.

There is a plan to create a large lagoon to the back of Punta Carnero, surrounded by mangroves and landscaped areas, with walking and bicycle paths. There is a plan to make of the Punta Carnero road into a low speed, scenic drive. There are also plans to get all cablings underground. The plans and initiatives are varied.

Not all plans may come to fruition, nonetheless, we are most certain that we will no doubt make of Punta Carnero a true example for the rest of Ecuador. This brings value, enjoyment, quality of life, opportunity and feel good for all involved, including the local community which is very important to us.

Punta Carnero has feel-good written all over it!

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